Major Announcement – dacreo AI ecosystem

Blue Marble Communications Inc (BMC) and BruhnBruhn Innovation AB (BBI) are delighted to unveil a revolutionary advancement in Generative AI capabilities for space assets. This groundbreaking achievement, made possible through a collaboration focused on radiation-hardened compute hardware and advanced AI software frameworks, sets a new standard for space technology and operations.

The BBI dacreo software stack for AMD Ryzen7 4000 and V2000 series of APUs enables advanced AI operations using the onboard GPU for devices such as the Space Edge Processor.

Blue Marble Communications Space Edge Processor
Blue Marble Communication Inc Space Edge Processor in flight configuration (FM). The SEP is in high-volume manufacturing.

The introduction of the BMC Space Edge Processor (SEP), equipped with AMD’s cutting-edge 7 nm V2000 series accelerated processing unit (APU) and Versal Prime FPGA technology, marks a significant milestone. This hardware, when combined with BBI’s innovative AI software orchestration stack dacreo, showcases a pioneering step towards achieving true cloud-native operations and cognitive autonomy in deep space. BBI’s dacreo AI software stack for AMD Ryzen 7 4000 and V2000 series devices is based on a tailored AMD ROCm open-source compute stack, to fully harness onboard GPUs for artificial intelligence applications and enable cloud-native functionalities, including Kubernetes in space.

Live demonstration at Satellite 2024 show in Washington DC

To demonstrate the power of the dacreo software stack in combination with the SEP radiation hardened solution, a number of containerized cutting-edge AI capabilities have been developed and being demonstrated live at the Satellite 2024 show in Washington DC.

Astronaut Co-pilot assistant application demo

BBI dacreo GPT: An interactive astronaut co-pilot powered by an onboard Meta Llama 2 large language model, illustrating the dacreo ecosystem vast AI capabilities on radiation hardened computers offloaded on the GPU. The dacreo GPT is developed and tested at the BBI Space Kubernetes Laboratory.

See through clouds capability – Real-time SAR processing and object detection application demo

AIKO dacreo GPT deepSAR: A real-time Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) stripmap processing and object detection application, highlighting the importance of onboard SAR processing for quick insights in challenging environments. The application is part of the new onboard data processing suite presented by AIKO and has been developed and tested at the BBI Space Kubernetes Laboratory.


Meet us at Satellite 2024 in Washington DC

Its that time a year again! March and Satellite conference and exhibition in DC.

Our CTO will be there and brings a Generative AI surprise. Book a meeting by dropping us an email.


BBI presents work on Software Defined Satellites at NASA S3VI

Software defined satellites – What can we expect in the near feature

BBI’s CTO, Dr Fredrik Bruhn, will be presenting at an internal agency wide NASA industry S3VI day seminar on software defined satellites on December 7th hosted at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley.
Software-defined satellites offer unparalleled flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency, enabling new space missions that were previously impossible or impractical.
The presentation will take a wide look at the future of AI supported space infrastructure and exploration, based around the transformational example of a state-of-the-art 7nm radiation hardened American space computer for cloud computing and AI, and emphasize the advantages of utilizing cloud-native principles and technologies such as Generative AI in satellite application development. The seminar will include a live demo session.
Are you wondering how software defined satellites differ from traditional satellites?
Software defined satellites are a new generation of satellites that leverage modern computing technologies, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), to enable unprecedented levels of flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency. These satellites are based on modular and scalable designs, which allow for easy customization and rapid deployment.
In contrast to traditional satellites, which are typically designed with fixed hardware configurations, software defined satellites can be reconfigured on-the-fly based on mission requirements. This means that they can quickly adapt to changing conditions, such as changes in weather patterns or new scientific discoveries. Additionally, software defined satellites can leverage advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to optimize their performance and improve their efficiency.
Overall, software defined satellites offer a wide range of benefits, including greater flexibility, scalability, and adaptability, as well as improved performance and efficiency. As such, they are poised to play a significant role in the future of space exploration and satellite communications.

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Successful delivery of an Innovative AI Edge solution to prominent North American space company

Our dedicated engineering team has been hard at work, and we’re thrilled to share the successful delivery of an Innovative AI Edge solution to yet another prominent North American space company.

This milestone represents a significant leap forward for our artificial intelligence capabilities to radiation-hardened space computers, empowering cutting-edge onboard data processing applications.

“We embraced the challenge of creating a cutting-edge data processing software solution on an incredibly tight timeline. Not only did we meet the challenge head-on, but we also exceeded expectations by delivering ahead of schedule. This underscores our commitment to piloting the edge and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in onboard AI capabilities. It is truly an amazing experience working with brilliant boundless minds,” says Dr. Fredrik Bruhn, our CTO.

This achievement underscores our unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of AI and edge computing technologies. We have demonstrated on customer provided data processing hardware that we can provide robust, thoroughly tested, validated, and optimized solutions that precisely align with the unique demands of aerospace missions and applications.

We’re excited about the future, and we can’t wait to continue elevating the potential of edge computing and AI in the aerospace industry, together with our valued clients, partners, and talented team members.


Delivery of an Innovative AI Edge solution to a prominent North American space mission prime

BruhnBruhn Innovation is delighted to announce the successful delivery of an Innovative AI Edge solution to a prominent North American space mission prime. This milestone marks a significant advancement in artificial intelligence capabilities for radiation-hardened space computers, enabling cutting-edge onboard data processing applications.

“Our team is highly encouraged by the exceptional data processing performance we’ve achieved in collaboration with our valued customer. Together, we have propelled the onboard AI capability to a level at least one generation ahead of what’s publicly available,” says Dr. Fredrik Bruhn, CTO of BruhnBruhn Innovation.

This achievement showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI and edge computing technologies, providing tailored and optimized solutions that meet the unique demands of aerospace missions and applications.

We look forward to further elevating the potential of edge computing and AI in the aerospace industry with our clients, partners, and talents.

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BruhnBruhn attends SmallSat conference in Logan

We are excited to announce that our CTO, Dr Fredrik Bruhn, will be attending the Small Satellite Conference (SmallSat) again. With a rich history of participation since 2006, this conference has been a key event in the small satellite industry. We are all eagerly looking forward to reuniting with friends, customers, partners, and members of the community at this year’s event. We anticipate fruitful discussions and the opportunity to explore innovative collaborations in the rapidly evolving world of small satellites.

Reach out to make an appointment!


Bruhnspace becomes Bruhn & Bruhn

We are excited to announce that Bruhnspace has undergone a transformation and is now known as BruhnBruhn.

We are thrilled to announce that Bruhnspace has embarked on an exciting new chapter as BruhnBruhn, encompassing our engineering work under BruhnBruhn Innovation while expanding our horizons to encompass investments and research support through BruhnBruhn Holding. With this transformation, we remain steadfast in our commitment to transformative innovation and providing exceptional engineering solutions across industries.

At BruhnBruhn, we thrive on collaboration and partnerships. We invite you to reach out to us, as we eagerly look forward to forging fruitful alliances and co-creating customer success stories together. Whether you are seeking cutting-edge engineering solutions, strategic investments, or research support, our dedicated team is ready to embark on this journey with you. Together, we can push boundaries, drive innovation, and achieve remarkable outcomes. Contact us today and let us explore the possibilities of a mutually rewarding partnership.