With a deep-rooted passion for aerospace, BruhnBruhn has a history of actively participating in numerous satellite programs alongside the Swedish, European and US government, pioneering advancements in satellite avionics and payload processors, and now ventures into new horizons by assisting customers in designing groundbreaking solutions that will drive the connected universe across Earth, air, and space.

Our mission is to develop innovative architectures that achieve a hundred-fold increase in performance and significantly reduce costs for mission-critical aerospace edge AI compute and cloud-native solutions. This is a challenge we eagerly embrace alongside our skilled team, partners, and customers. As the aerospace market undergoes a transformative shift, particularly in the realms of drones and satellites, we are at the forefront of this evolution, actively shaping the future of the industry in the coming decade.

Connecting aviation and space

Driven by our passion for aerospace, we have made a strategic investment in a Cessna 172-SP to facilitate research and training in preparation for the future of electrified aviation. While our aircraft is not intended for space travel, it serves as a platform to bridge the connection between aviation and space, aligning with our vision. If you meet the requirements of having accumulated at least 150 flight hours on PPL-A with Single Engine Piston class and being type rated, our plane is available for rental. Whether a vehicle is piloted by a BruhnBruhn aviator, a private astronaut, or autonomously powered by AI, the fusion of aviation and space remains a key focus for us.

Connecting aviation and space
We firmly believe in our vision to journey to the stars alongside our customers, enabling a connected universe and aspiring to improve the quality of life on Earth and beyond.