About us

BruhnBruhn Innovation is an engineering company that has evolved from the technical research conducted within Bruhnspace Holding (nowadays renamed to BruhnBruhn Holding). Founded in Sweden in 2012 by Dr. Fredrik Bruhn, a professor emeritus at Mälardalen University, and Karolina Bruhn, an experienced professional with a background in agronomy and economics. Notable accomplishments include spinning off the startup company, Unibap, initially as a subsidiary to Bruhnspace. and now listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market, as well as the co-founding of ÅAC Microtec, now AAC Clyde Space. These success stories exemplify transformative innovation, which forms the foundation of our work at BruhnBruhn.

2023 marks a new beginning for BruhnBruhn Innovation, with Fredrik and Karolina focusing 100% on the company’s development. Combining Karolina’s proven experience in building robust companies and Quality Assurance with and Fredrik’s experience in Transformative Innovation in different industries makes the BruhnBruhn offering unique. Furthermore, for each project, BruhnBruhn can set up a dream team with the required talent and partners needed for the task. For example, it could be a scientific team from leading universities and institutions around the world, Aerospace engineers working in leading positions, or engineers with experience from the defense and automation industry.

“For us, everything revolves around doing good, providing knowledge and solutions, and ensuring the success of our projects and clients. Our ultimate goal is to make the world a safer and better place while upholding Western values. Our transformative offerings are rooted in my research as a professor and my work at renowned institutions such as NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA Ames Research Center, where I have contributed to the development of technologies for space exploration, including vehicles for the Arctic and Mars. Additionally, my involvement with the US Air Force Research Laboratory and the Swedish Defence Material Administration has further enriched my experience. Moreover, my background as a pilot adds a unique dimension to my skill set.

However, it is essential to recognize that success is never a one-man show. It is through collaboration with Karolina, our esteemed partners, and our valued customers that we truly excel. Regardless of the number of scientific publications I have authored or innovative technologies I have pioneered, it is the collective effort and synergy that create the real competitive edge.”

Dr. Fredrik Bruhn, BruhnBruhn Innovation.

Honoring the Swedish Technological tradition

BruhnBruhn, being based in Sweden, works with clients all over the world. Even though we are everything but lagom (the Swedish word for “in moderation”), we honor our country’s engineering tradition, work ethic, and business values, such as not budging with our values and holding on to our promises.

“For us at BruhnBruhn, it is an important value to share our extensive knowledge with our customers, thus being able to offer the most value to every project. Our engineering and quality assurance knowledge, combined with our experience leading technological development at small innovative companies, is of great value to our customers. It makes it possible for us to help validate the technology, and both share insights about e.g., quality systems and come up with solutions to difficult technological problems.”

Karolina Bruhn, CEO BruhnBruhn Innovation.

Honoring the Swedish Technological tradition
For us, everything is about doing good, providing knowledge and solutions, and making our projects and clients successful.