Delivery of an Innovative AI Edge solution to a prominent North American space mission prime

BruhnBruhn Innovation is delighted to announce the successful delivery of an Innovative AI Edge solution to a prominent North American space mission prime. This milestone marks a significant advancement in artificial intelligence capabilities for radiation-hardened space computers, enabling cutting-edge onboard data processing applications.

“Our team is highly encouraged by the exceptional data processing performance we’ve achieved in collaboration with our valued customer. Together, we have propelled the onboard AI capability to a level at least one generation ahead of what’s publicly available,” says Dr. Fredrik Bruhn, CTO of BruhnBruhn Innovation.

This achievement showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI and edge computing technologies, providing tailored and optimized solutions that meet the unique demands of aerospace missions and applications.

We look forward to further elevating the potential of edge computing and AI in the aerospace industry with our clients, partners, and talents.

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BruhnBruhn attends SmallSat conference in Logan

We are excited to announce that our CTO, Dr Fredrik Bruhn, will be attending the Small Satellite Conference (SmallSat) again. With a rich history of participation since 2006, this conference has been a key event in the small satellite industry. We are all eagerly looking forward to reuniting with friends, customers, partners, and members of the community at this year’s event. We anticipate fruitful discussions and the opportunity to explore innovative collaborations in the rapidly evolving world of small satellites.

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